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Zhejiang jie secret special mechanical seal is the present domestic FGD system supplier.We have been focusing on thermal power special mechanical seal in the field of research and development, production and manufacturing, marketing and engineering services.In the field of thermal power, zhejiang jie can provide comprehensive mechanical seal solution.Including of FGD system, turbine systems, chemical systems, water desalination system.Products include FGD system the desulfurization of circulating pump, slurry mixer, peripheral pumps three series.Condensation pump, boiler feed pump turbine system, as well as other systems of all kinds of pump.Zhejiang jie special mechanical seal thermal power, can form a complete set of domestic major pump manufacturers, as well as the domestic use of all imported mechanical seal of the localization, able to meet the user's personalized needs of domestic, import mechanical seal.[查看详情]
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